Fabrique de corsets, Feder & Piesen, Prague.


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People who are just getting into classical music: this fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach is absolutely sublime, conveying all the genius and charm of the genre. To listen to it is an epiphany of peace and light
People who have loved classical for a long time: Heyo this Respighi cantata is fuccing DOPE u needa get in on this shit
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new theme!~

very excited to change it after so long!

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a 100% accurate map of north america as drawn by a canadian

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i’m skilled in the culinary art of microwaving 

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omfg that is just too adorable

i can show you the world

Reblogging again because holy crap the cuteness is overwhelming.

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How we fight tall people

Vine by Rudy Mancuso

I can’t stop watching it its like poetry

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Concept art for 101 Dalmatians

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Good evening. Welcome to the six o’clock news. I’m your anchor…

This man is an absolute genious, he is the true Punmaster

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